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Unlocking Third Party Transceivers on Older Arista Switches

 Like many switch vendors, Arista switches running EOS only accept Arista branded optics by default. They accept any brand of passive direct attach copper cables, but since third party optics tend to cause a prohibitive number of support cases, it's needed to force the user to make a deliberate decision to enable third party optics so they can appreciate that they're venturing out into unsupported territory.  The thing is, if you're out buying an older generation of Arista switch on eBay to try and learn EOS, you're probably also not able to directly buy Arista branded optics, so the unlock procedure on older switches would be of interest to you.  EOS has two different methods for unlocking third party transceivers, depending on what hardware you're trying to unlock. It's not dependent on what version of EOS you're running on the switch, so all switches which originally supported the old "magic file" unlock method always supported the old method, a

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