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Building an Anycast Secondary DNS Service

  Regular readers will remember how one of my friends offered to hold my beer while I went and started my own autonomous system , and then the two of us and some of our friends thought it would be funny to start an Internet Exchange , and that joke got wildly out of hand ... Well, my lovely friend Javier has done it again. About 18 months ago, Javier and I were hanging out having dinner, and he idly observed in my direction that he had built a DNS service back in 2009 that was still mostly running, but it had fallen into some disrepair and needed a bit of a refresh. Javier is really good at giving me fun little projects to work on... that turn out to be a lot of work. But I think that's what hobbies are supposed to look like? Maybe? So here we are. With Javier's help, I went and built what I'm calling "Version Two" of Javier's NS-Global DNS Service . Understanding Secondary DNS Before we dig into NS-Global, let's talk about DNS for a few minutes. Most peo

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