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Building a Storage Shelf for All My Digital Storage

I've been using a Synology DS1813+ NAS (modern equivalent is the DS1819) in my apartment for the last few years since one of my friends gave it to me. It's a little pricey, but if this one rolled over and died, I would definitely replace it with another; once you stop wanting to spend your time mucking with the infrastructure in your life, the "just works" experience of the Synology is pretty attractive.

Unfortunately, what hasn't been very attractive is the dusty corner it's been living in. I finally got tired of blowing the dust out of it regularly and at least stood it up on a milk crate, but this could be improved. At the same time, my apartment has been slowly collecting other spare hard drives on various horizontal surfaces, as leftovers from various different projects and the like.

So I decided this would make for another good woodworking project this summer, so I decided to make a storage shelf... for my storage media... it's a storage shelf.

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