Hello World

So here it is, my beautiful new blog, all clean and open and full of possibilities... oh how exciting it is... So first thing first, full discloser as to who I am and all.

I am a senior in high school who does some pretty random, off the wall things with his free time, which sometimes gets some pretty interesting results but usually just ends up with lots of wasted time...

As for this blog the plan is to post what I do end up doing with my life on it but trying to keep the loser drama out of it and post the flames (everyone just needs the good flame every once and a while) in my Xanga... So we're talking everything from artwork to electronics to essays on random concepts.

And without further ado, my contact info:

Email: KennethFinnegan2007@gmail.com
PGP: 0xF969DD2D
Skype: kenneth.finnegan
Flickr: KennethFinnegan

Righto mates, enjoy!

Kenneth Finnegan

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