Notepad .LOG File

So I was flipping through the "LifeHacker" book today by Gina Trapani, which was an interesting read, when I happened upon one of those neat little hacks you pick up after living on the computer as long as I do.

A neat little hidden logging feature in Notepad where you create a new .txt file and enter .LOG as the first line. Save the file and open it again in Notepad: low and behold it has added the time, date, and a carriage return for your logging goodness.

I can see myself using this quite for random event logging, or at least something more useful than this demo file:

11:58 PM 2/23/2007
This feature is pretty cool
12:04 AM 2/24/2007
It's still cool, really...
12:07 AM 2/24/2007
Oh yeah, one more thing: this is still cool!

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