1000 Blank White Cards

1000 Blank White Cards (or 1kBWC for short) is a game of almost complete freedom with little to no point, goal, or rules. The point of the game is to just have fun and make an utter fool of yourself and your friends in public.

A good intro to the game mechanics is on Wikipedia here. The gist of the game is you start with blank halves of index cards and some from the previous game written on and anyone can fill in the blank cards as they draw them during the game. You then play the cards on each other and follow the instructions on the cards. There are many small variations on the rules so here is our specific rules:
  • Hands are 5 cards by default and players draw back up to the 5 at the end of their turn.
  • Points usually range +/- 100-1000 but is not a hard limit.
  • Players may play counter cards or cards with instant effects any time they want, but must wait until the end of their next turn to redraw to 5.
Our deck is fairly technology oriented with a few different theme sets that we've gone through at times. We save good cards as they phase out so later we can start skipping the pregame when everyone just makes 5 new cards because it's hard to just come up with 5 cards out of nowhere and is rather boring. Since each game is reseeded from the previous game, you collect all the leftovers and they form a huge pile, which you dream reaches 1000 at some point. Most of these collections are named so to distinguish ours it is called the Phire deck.

This is a great game to play with close friends. It's extremely cheap to pick up a $3 pack of 500 index cards, cut them in half, and then go to a coffee shop and play. We scan many of our better cards and upload them to flickr here. I can't recommend this game enough for groups of creative friends dynamic enough to be able to go out and make fools of yourselves.

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