This is a test post using blog.gears.

Blog.gears is a tool that allows you to write posts for blogger offline, then have them sync when you get connected again. This is done using one of google's newest and coolest products: google gears.

Google gears is an offline service, which you install on your computer, that then lets you visit websites while not being online. The only other thing I use gears for, as of yet, is the google RSS reader, so if I know I'm going to be offline I can sync down all my RSS feeds, read them, then sync back up that they're all read. I'm still waiting and dreaming for when they have it for gmail. Then I would be very very happy.

So how to use this? Just visit this crazy URL:
Bookmark it, allow it to always use google gears (which you've installed, btw), and then whenever you're offline, visit this website again and just start typing away. Granted you don't get any of the nice rich text editing stuff, but it's better than nothing...

Edit: Well that was fun. I can't say I'm really sold on using this instead of say... word, but I'll give it credit on the whole not then forgetting to post it thing.

College is pretty intense. I keep falling farther and farther behind in the homework. Luckily I'm in the special Integrated Studies Honors program so we get to sign up for classes before everyone else (tomorrow for Winter quarter) so I don't need to worry about any of my classes being full. This helps when you're trying to schedule 19 units (You're expected to take 15 per quarter).

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