Sunnyvale's Finest

So it sure seems like our family can't go a whole year without talking to the city police about something. Last year it was a stolen license plate, year before a drunk driver, year before that some guy getting chased by three others with baseball bats.

Tonight on the way home from Fry's, we were driving by my high school and on the left side of the street we spotted a column of smoke. At first I thought it was just someone putting out their fireplace with water, but once we got the chimney in view, we were able to see three feet of flames coming out of it. Kristina whips out the cell phone, calls Sunnyvale's seven digit 911 number (408-730-7100), and hands it to my dad.

The dispatcher authorized us to run the left turn red light to get over into the townhouse complex to find the house on fire. We speed over to it, and circle around the block, and can't find it. It couldn't have been ten minutes from when we called to when we had a full fire response and at least two police cruisers. Unfortunately, (actually, very fortunately) we just couldn't find the fire. The chimney had flared up, burned out, and died.

And so resets the timer until the next time we get to call the Sunnyvale Police and Fire (which are actually both in the same department, Public Safety). Let's hope we might actually make it to a year for once...

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