Power Tip of the Day - AC

The last few years, my dad's little project was to reduce our family's energy footprint.  We've reduced our usage so far that the majority of our PG&E bill is the connection fee we have to pay every month (The average bill runs about $25).  This wasn't one big thing (except maybe the solar panels), but many little things, which I think I might share with my fellow apartment dwelling friends so they too can strive to reduce their PG&E bill.

First one will be an easy one.  Set your AC/heater less agressively.  Running the heater at 70 instead of 75 makes a big difference.

Can't really say this one helps me much.  We have turned the AC on once in the past two months, and that was because there was a dozen people in the living room.  I have better ones on the list, I promise.

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