Portable 2m Antenna

I had some free time this week (like every other week this summer - thank you unemployment), and finally put my roll-up J pole antenna together. I cut and made the actual antenna last year (plans for 300 ohm TV line J-pole), but lacking any kind of system to keep it organized and a way to get it up (a common problem for hams), I never took it out for portable ops.

There isn't much more to it than what you see. Cardboard with two slits to keep the string orderly. Pack of washers to heave over the tree. Biggest binder clip I could find to keep the coax together.

I originally tried using fishing line and a hdd magnet instead of string, with the though that I'd attach it to gutters or hand rails, but fun fact: hdd magnets are stronger than fishing line... I attached the string by poking a hole just big enough to get it through, and tying a stopper knot much like a barrel knot (my knot reference is in Davis. Living in two places is the pits).

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