Logic Shrimp - Free PCB Build

Dangerous Prototypes has a wonderful program where they give away blank PCBs of their prototypes.  I may or may not have spent eight hours last Sunday hitting refresh on their website while watching TV, trying to finally win a free PCB.  I built a Logic Shrimp, which is a four channel logic analyzer, which is super useful for debugging digital circuits.  I had a little trouble finding some of the parts, so here is the complete BOM for the Logic Shrimp on Digikey:
 And notice that many of these parts, particularly the passives, are very useful to have in stock, so where the list asks for eight 0.1μF caps, I would order 100.  Hope this list is helpful.


  1. Apropos the last comment: suppliers often have price breaks at 50, 100, etc units. I recently needed 62 caps for a project, but ordering 100 was actually cheaper -- per unit, of course, but also in total!


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