Tutorial on Cutting With a Scroll Saw

After showing you how to use the band saw yesterday, I figured it would be a good follow on to show you how to use the scroll saw, which is the smaller cousin of the band saw.  The scroll saw is meant for much lighter cutting, but has the advantage of being able to cut incredibly sharp corners, so you can do all kinds of detailing (or scrollwork, which makes sense...).

In the video, I also show you a basic project I did even when I was little, which was cutting out jig saw puzzles.  All you do is take a thin piece of 1/4" wood and cut it into interlocking pieces, and bam; jig saw puzzle.  Hours of fun.
Once you've done this and are looking for more involved inspiration, I was tipped off to one user on YouTube who uploads some interesting videos of him doing more some impressive work.

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