Microwave Transceiver Teardown

I was recently gifted a microwave transceiver with essentially no info about it other than a vague comment about "it might have fallen off a pole somewhere." Having no immediate use for it, and with a premium on storage space in my life these days, I figured I'd tear it apart and see how it works.


I took apart the down-converter section that's fed by the Rx Gunn diode, but I'm afraid the exact mechanism of the ring hybrid in it has left me a bit flummoxed.
The Rx signal comes in through the feedline on the top left. The top and left holes were grounding screws, the Gunn cavity is the top right feedline, and the bottom right goes through the block to an amplifier on the other side before leaving via an MCX connector. My lack of training in RF systems is starting to show...

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