UHF RICK Repeater with Auto ID and Teardown

I had previously mentioned that the RICK doesn't meet FCC requirements on its own due to its lack of automatic identification. What it does have is an accessory port where you can plug in some other device which can generate the ID for you. In this case, I used an Argent Data simplex repeater controller with the actual repeating feature turned off. (I covered using it as a simplex repeater previously)


Things I missed in the video:

  • The CallAlert signalling on the MaxTrac isn't a built-in feature. You need an optional DTMF decoder board which I was recently gifted by one of my friends. It's a relatively rare part, and I should have emphasized that more.
  • Even though the simplex repeat feature is turned off on the ADS-SR1, it does still retain all of its other features like voicemail and stored voice beacons. This is actually a remarkably featureful repeater now, considering it's built around a RICK.

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