Tip of the Day - Never Return Disposable Cameras

Unlike normal film cameras, disposables start with the film unwound and as you take pictures, they wind back into the cartridge. Once all the pictures are taken, the film is rolled up in a light safe case; there is no way you can ruin your pictures without trying.

There is tabs on the side of the camera, pop it open and take the film cartridge to the drug store. Drop it in a normal film development envelope and they process it like any other film.

Inside the camera is a PCB board with a really nice little 1.5V to 300V transformer buffered with a capacitor. I've had quite a bit of fun playing with these, either hooked up to the original xenon flash tube that came with the camera, or in other applications of 300V low amperage (thank god, I'd be dead by now if there was much umph behind these). Lighting up steel wool with 300V is pretty fun.

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