Bought a Blue Apple Snail

So after all the success I've had with my Gold Apple Snail, my sister thought a snail wouldn't be a bad addition to her aquarium. We jumped in the car and drove until we ran into the first pet store. Happened to be a PetSmart. I've not heard great things about their fish sections, but what the hell. The next pet store is at least half a mile farther down, so we stop to look.

That was probably the cleanest, best stocked fish section I've ever seen. They had three rows of tanks, and maybe 15 across. Not only did they have the Gold and Black Mystery (Apple) Snails I've seen before, but they had Ivory and Blue as well.

Unfortunately the hard part of getting a snail from the pet store is picking him out. You're sitting there looking at a tank full of snail shells, and they all look dead. Not one of the snails is moving, and only maybe 1 or 2 are out of their shell at all. It's one of these two that you pick. The girl next to me in the dorms has gone through 3 snails, all DOA.

So Kristina picked out a nice little Blue one and we brought it home. Put it in one of the jars and after an hour, the little guy was floating. Not like gently lift, but we're talking cork popping out of the water. This snail is seriously buoyant, yet still alive. I've moved his jar into a warmer area in the house, and he's acting much more interested in moving, but is still stuck to the water surface. We'll see if things fix themselves tomorrow and he goes back to being the happy water-loving snail he should be.

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