I Have a Pen Problem

I'm ready to admit it; I have a pen problem. Fry's had a ridiculous sale this week: an 8 pack of pens for 15 cents. 15 freakin cents! So like every reasonable human being, I promptly drove to Fry's, Jeff Glass in toe, and bought 5 of them. Unfortunately, my wonderful mother pointed out that she needed more pens for her desk, so being the reasonable son I am, I sold two packs to her for 30 cents.

At this point, I was faced with a dilemma. I only had 3 packs of pens, which works out to be 24, which is good, but not nearly as awesome as 5 packs of pens. Normally, that would be that, but I happened to be in that side of town again (literally drove right by Fry's), so the obvious answer was to go in and buy another 5 packs.

I have 64 pens, and I spent $1.34 to get them. My life is awesome.

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