My First 24 Hours of Texting

I finally broke down yesterday and decided that it was worth $10 a month for me to get and send text messages. If it was just up to me, I would have probably lived without them, but unfortunately too many people I know assume them to be guaranteed delivery, so when their texts to me just disappear into the ether, they assume I just ignored it...

So in the last 24 hours, I have sent or received 70 text messages. Luckily most of those were to others on Verizon (ie my sister or my best friend), so I'm not counted against my 500/month for those. Most of those were sent using t9word, which I found to be an interesting experience. Sure I had used it before to enter short notes to myself, but never anywhere near thee extent I've used it in the last 24 hours. As I got more experience, it very slowly stopped being so much about hitting the number with the correct letter on it, and more about hitting the right combos for the words I wanted to type. Much the same as can be said about morse code: You can't think of it as dots and dashes. You have to start listening to it and just be able to hear that - .... . means "the" and - .... .- -. -.- ... means "thanks." In this case, it just happens to be only encoding, and not both directions.

It goes to show that, if you spend some time learning something every day, you can pick it up rather quickly. Now I just need to start working on my morse code as such...


  1. colemak!

    also Typomino, which is the tetrinimo game where instead of moving pieces around and dropping them, the controls are as follows (qwerty):
    wer, uio are for rotation (w and u rotate ccw, r and o rotate cw, e and i rotate 180.
    press A to drop in column 1, S for column 2, D for column 3, etc.

    Theoretically since it's only 2 keys per piece max it's potentially faster. However it's a lot harder to get used to. I'm still not quite as fast as I am with normal tetris controls, but I'm getting there.

    As for the actual topic, I'm content with paying money for each text--there's no way I'd text enough to make an unlimited texting plan worth it. Not being able to receive them at all IS pretty bad though.

    I used to type rather proficiently on a TI-89. Hooray for The Adventures of Billy Anderson 2: The Return of the Furby King!

  2. It's the same with normal reading too, of course, where first you learn to translate letters into sounds, then sound it out...but later you just see "lizard" and you automatically translate that into a meaning. I used to hypothesize that the same thing happens with reading music...

  3. WHAT? Verizon to verizon texts don't count?!?!? I've been being WAY too conservative in my texting... I could be having entire conversations! But if I'm doing that... why don't we just call each other? *sigh *


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