Organizing My Tubes of Integrated Circuits

Like many electronics hobbyists, I've been slowly collecting tubes of integrated circuits and LED displays that come in plastic tubes. Sadly, this collection has literally spent the last ten years as a slowly growing pile of tubes sitting on the floor of my lab. One of those problems that really sneaks up on you, unfortunately.

I decided to try and get back into the woodworking hobby this summer, so I decided to make a small set of vertical cubbies for my IC tubes, and used it as an excuse to practice my dovetail joinery, since a storage rack made out a cheap piece of whitewood 1x12 board from Home Depot is pretty low stakes.
The main body of the rack is all made from a piece of 1x12 pine, with dados cut on the inside before I put it together to accept two pieces of 1/4" plywood as dividers. For finish, I just used one coat of boiled linseed oil, which is pretty minimal, but enough considering the fact that this piece isn't meant to be at all attractive. I mean... the bar has been set awfully low for the last ten years at "random pile of debris"
I think it turned out pretty well for being my first attempt at dovetails. My biggest mistake was that since this board was too wide to fit in my jointer, I just went "eh; it's kind of flat enough..." -- It was not flat enough to accommodate fine joinery. I ended up chasing my tail quite a bit trying to get the dovetails to fit together, since every piece of board was slightly cupped one direction or the other.

But hey, less than perfect or not, this was a step forward in the never ending battle on entropy in my life, so big win!

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