Kubb: an interesting yard game where you throw batons to try and knock down the other player's kubbs, then once they're all knocked down you knock down the king (the tall one).

I saw the plans get linked to on one of the craft blogs I read (I think it was Make Magazine), and it looked like an easy enough wood project and a fun enough game. I haven't gotten to do much with my dad this summer so this seemed like a good way to finish off the summer before I head off to my freshmen year at college.

The rules on how to play can be found here. Same guy who posted the plans, and did a very good job explaining it.

I did change a few things from what his plans said. The biggest change was that instead of trying to rip 1/2" off the edge of a 4"x4", we just ran it through a planer a bunch of times, so the wood started out looking really nice (Didn't really last past the first game that much). When it was all said and done I finished the wood with Danish Oil to give it a little bit of water protection.

When we were picking out the lumber we found one piece of closet rod that was the perfect length, but was all warped. It hurt a little bit to buy that piece, knowing it didn't matter since I was cutting it into short pieces, but still, the twitch.

This is going to be the perfect game to take to Davis. Having fields all over the place will be nice.

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