Swamp Cooler

So I'm at my grandparent's house right now trying to fix their computer/internet. It's one of those "treat the computer like a toaster" instances where the first thing I do is download the last 150 security updates and service pack 2.
Being the middle of the Central Valley it is rather hot around here. I've been especially impressed with one of their techniques to stay cool.

This is a real appliance, it says "Wisper Cool" on the top of it. It's a box fan with a cloth covering the air intake that looks and feels a lot like one of those textured kitchen sponges. It has a little water pump that circulates water up to the top of this cloth keeping it wet all the time.

What is really amazing about it is that in the last 24 hours I've poured more than a gallon of water into this thing refilling it. I find that an incredible volume of water to be vaporized at room temperature. It's kept the closet that is their computer room rather comfortable.

Just food for thought.

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