Emergency Aquarium Aerator

One of the big fears of aquarium owners is an extended power failure. An aquarium is always stocked well above natural fish concentration, and depends heavily on the life support - the aquarium pump and heater. When you loose power, it's just a matter of time before the loss of aeration and heat will start stressing and killing your stock.

I was browsing the Harbor Freight website, after reordering their catalog after twice with no success, and stumbled upon a live bait aerator. This would be a perfect backup aquarium pump if the power cut out. Granted, buying anything from Harbor Freight is a hit, or miss, or miss proposition, but $5 seems acceptable for something that may or may not work, and that you may or may not ever use. Just make sure to have a D cell ready, or it'll do you no good unless you pull a MacGyver with a AA and a paper clip.

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