The High Road

This week has been a very political week. There has been quite a bit of distention through a few different channels in my life lately, but I think I've learned something of great value from them.

One of the situations involved someone else getting royally pissed at me for no apparent reason. There was nasty emails sent, etc, etc. Yet two days later, the same guy thanked me for my input on another project.

It was downright unnerving to have him take my input so readily 48 hours after cursing me out. It makes it sure hard to hold a grudge.

Taking the high road is becoming to appear to be a very valuable lesson that I'm going to need to learn for life. My old approach of getting pissed off at someone and just avoiding them indefinitely works fine when you're sitting in the sandbox (and boy did I take advantage of that property), but once you start touching reality, it seems the world gets orders of magnitude smaller and you're always dealing with the same people.

It looks like to get by in life, the high road turns out to be a much needed path out of a situation that can only get worse.

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