Replaced my Nalgene

Lately it's come to light that drinking from Nalgene water bottles may be a health hazard due to the #7 plastic containing bisphenol A, a chemical that *may* cause all kinds of problems.

Mainly due to girlfriends urging, last week I ordered a metal-based Sigg water bottle. Compared to most other e-commerce sites I deal with, they were a little slow to actually ship my order, but 9 days from order to delivery really isn't that bad. After all, it's a water bottle, not bottle oxygen or something.

Overall I like it. The cap with the loop in it is more convenient than the loop on Nalgene bottles. There are two things I don't like about it:
  1. The water does come out with a slight metallic twang. I'm going to attribute this to it being new and expect that after a few uses the taste will either abate or I'll get used to it. It isn't that bad.
  2. The thread on the cap is a little fine. It feels a little overkill to rotate the cap three times from closed to open. At the same time I can understand why the thread is so small, the cap does have a tendency to leak if the cap isn't tight, so a higher mechanical advantage is an advantage.

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