Expensive QSLs

So last night we were bored, and decided to hike up to Rancho San Antonio to test out my new J-Pole antenna I built a few weeks ago. The antenna worked great, but I got a $35 parking ticket and we all got written infractions because we were in the park after hours.

UPDATE: The infractions came out to be $161 each, which is pretty brutal, but not as bad as I feared.

We setup our antenna in high meadow and got the following contacts on 146.520 MHz/5 watts:
N6KZW (20:58) - 13.3 miles East
KG6GKW (21:02) - 6 miles North
KF6QCH (21:11) - 32 miles North-West (280&101, North of San Bruno Mountains)
KK6BS (21:14) - 29 miles North-North-East (North of the Kilkare Woods mountain range), he was using a 1/4 wave ground plane in a third floor apartment.

So overall we had a pretty successful evening, although not worth the legal fees. Even the farther stations were still coming in S6-S7 (out of 9), so there is still plenty of umph left. There was just a lack of stations listening, since it was rather late to be working VHF. Even the contacts we did get took a good 10 minutes of calling CQ for them to respond.

73 de KI6RLA

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