Getting Ready for Contesting

Slowly talking myself into giving amateur radio contesting a shot.  There is a few VHF/UHF contests over the next few months.  First one is UHF only (which limits me to 70cm) this weekend, which is when I'm up in Portola, but I might stick my mag mount on top of a locomotive and see if I can get anything.  I don't expect to; last time I was in Portola, I called for any station's signal report on all the local repeaters, and got complete silence.  I don't think there is any Hams in Portola, CA...

I also finally got my question answered.  I was wondering that if I made a QSO with a station that wasn't planning on submitting their logs, wouldn't that become a NIL?  Turns out, those are call Uniques, and just look super sketchy.  Thanks K9JY.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  Internet has been dialup speed (~3kBps) half the time and I've been busy with school and work.

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