Bought a New to Me Bike

Considering that I am spending at least the next two fun-filled years of my life in UC Flatlands, I figured now would be a good time to reinvest in my primary mode of transportation and buy myself a new bike. This was mostly inspired by a weekend trip to Santa Cruz to hang out with my sister, when I got to borrow her boyfriend's bike. I had forgotten how nice it was to ride a relatively new bike after something like 7 years on mine. The fact that I have put little to no maintenance into mine unless something catistrophically failed made the difference all the more pronounced (My crank has started making a rather concerning grinding noise this quarter...).

Luck for me, that very bike happened to be for sale, so I am now the proud owner of a new-to-me, 9 month old bike. I could post all kinds of pictures of it for your mild enjoyment, but I think this is an instance where I can say more with less:
That's right, it's got a mother-loving bell.


  1. Hum..I am also thinking of getting a new/some-what-new road bike. The bike I have a Cal still works wonders, but it's too heavy...

    Also, thanks for the link on friend's blog...i like how it also shows how long since I have updated..haha

  2. I like how it shows that everyone else has updated almost an order of magnitude more often than you...


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