Launchpad Prototype Shield

This. This is why Texas Instruments didn't copy Arduino's idiotic header spacing scheme.  That is a random chunk of perf board, with some wire-wrap female header soldered 1.8" apart.  No bending leads, no etching my own perf board, nothing.  It's just friggin easy.
The cost was quite small, compared to *cough* err, other platform's proto shields:
  • Perf board ~$0.50
  • Female header - $3

And for the record, I'm planning on putting some flash memory on this shield to turn it into a temperature logger.  That project is still pretty far down my list at this point...

[Also for the record, my internship this summer has been CRAZY busy, which is the cause of the complete lack of posts lately.  I wish I could write about it, because my job involves stuff twice as awesome as the stuff I post here, but that doesn't work well when you work for a company based on IP...  Don't mess with a company's IP.]

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