Silicon Valley Electronics Flea Market

My best friend Jeff, his Dad, and I spent this morning hanging out at the local electronics flea market, and then I gave them an additional whirl-wind tour of all the south bay electronics stores they haven't been to before.
My haul for today was pretty good.  From left to right in the picture:
  • Free QST magazines from the early 1990s
  • 75 cents for a sharpening stone
  • Free resistors (4.7k, 10k, 47, 5.1M)
  • $10 for an 8 port gigabit ethernet switch (win!)
  • $2 for a working Gameboy Color (NOSTALGIA WIN!) - If anyone wants to donate old games to the cause...
  • $5 for two screw terminal blocks and two UHF connectors
  • $2 for 10 Neon glow tubes
  • $2 for a 512kb UV EPROM
  • $4 for a 802.11bg PCI card
  • $1 for 5 6-series vacuum tubes
There were a lot of interesting people there as well, and we had a good time haggling for electronic junk older than we were.  I was declared the winner at the end of the day with the $2 Gameboy Color.  You could tell the guy was really excited to sell me a piece of my childhood.

The next two swap meets are in the De Anza parking lot on 9/11 and 10/9, and are generally on the second Saturday of the month during the summer.

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