Book Giveaway - Benchtop Electronics Handbook

Hope everyone is having a good start to their 2012.  I've decided that my new years resolution is to try and clean out some of the free stuff I get, so I'm going to experiment with giving stuff away on here.

The first piece of nerdy goodness up for grabs is a copy of Veley's Benchtop Electronics Handbook.  This is a good introductory text on electronics, with 260 educational blurbs on everything from electrical units to basic mathematics to boolean algebra to Karnaugh charts.  I'd call it the reference book for the beginner; the second book you'll want to own after your getting started book.

Giveaway Rules:
  • To enter, go back through this blogs archives and leave a comment below with a link to your favorite project or blog post you can find.
  • Make sure to make your comment using some sort of name (not just anonymous) such that I can announce the winner on January 16th when I do a random drawing.
  • Mention this giveaway on your Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, etc.  The more comments I get below, the more likely I am to bother continuing to give these things away, and there's better things to come.
  • For this first one, lets open it up to everyone; I'll ship this action international.
Come back on January 16th and I'll post the winner, who should then email me a shipping address to get this rather useful book to add to their collection.


  1. Something weird about that "getting started book" link. It's priced at roughly $80 for the Arduino book, but looking that book by author shows a price of $8 instead.
    I was about to think my copy of that book was actually worth real money!

  2. Odd. I found a better link. Thanks for pointing that out.


    It's important to admit when your wrong. It was a toss up between this one and the first clock post, I decided this one was more educational, in that more people could use this specific information. :P

  4. I've only had you in my RSS reader for a few months, so went back through to see what you've written. I really like seeing other peoples workspaces, but kept coming back to the reason I started following you in the first place: your post on a list of books/tools/parts/equipment is incredible, and the most complete I've ever seen.

  5. Here is why I subscribed to your feed:

    Simple and intriguing!

  6. Is there a problem with me or is this a css justify problem?

  7. Entering the contest. I like your woodworking tutorials, like the bandsaw, but there is much more to cover.
    One tip is to check the gap of the guide blocks with a dollar bill. That's the right thickness. Looking forward to more tips.


    Congrats to Mightysinetheta for winning the drawing. Email me your shipping information and I'll fire this off.

    I think I set the bar a little high on this giveaway... clearly this needs more experimentation.


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