Asking Questions in a Room of 200

Student: "How did you get from there to there?"
Teacher: "Where?"
Student: "That second line, right there."
Teacher: "There?"
Student: "No, nevermind."

I actually saw that dialog going on in class yesterday. I thought about it for awhile, and I realized several times I've not bothered asking a question because it would be too difficult to point out where I'm talking about.

My solution: I should start carrying a laser pointer with me. I have three classes of at least 150 students, and having a laser pointer with me would probably help motivate me to ask questions more often and get more out of my university experience.


  1. i've seen very very few good questions asked. either you're so ahead of the game that you already know everything anyways, or you're so far behind that you don't have a clue and there's no hope in hell that any kind of question is gonna help you.


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