I'm Finished with the Dorms

I'm getting really tired of living in the university dorms. This room is just too small to support the projects I want to work on.

The worst part is the bathrooms. It wasn't anywhere near as bad in Miller, but every day when I go to the bathroom, it's a new unpleasant surprise. I went in yesterday and there literally was crumpled paper towel covered in peanut butter in the sink. I've gone in there and seen barf filling the sink, piss all over the floor, facial hair shavings everywhere and anywhere.

And this is with our maids working 7 days a week. College students are so bad, we wouldn't be able to make it 2 days without someone else to clean up after these slobs. Next year I'll have my master bedroom with it's own bathroom. Never going to live on campus again. Ever. Even in graduate school, if I get the option, I'm not going to apply to school housing, unless it's sweet. cheap, and guaranteed.

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