Yay Village Bakery

So the Village Bakery is this little hole-in-the-wall bakery in downtown Davis next to the train station. In all my majesty, I forgot that the University dining commons closes at 7pm on Saturdays, so by the time I realized what time it was (was playing Outpost 2), the DC was closed.

So 8:00pm, I ride down to the Village Bakery to buy a slice of pizza, but all they have is this veggie pizza with zucchini on it. I ask, "You got anything else coming?" Cashier: "I don't think so, sorry." Me: "Well I guess I'll take that slice in the back then." Cashier: "Here, I'll give you this for a $1 off since it isn't really what you want."

DUDE! When was the last time you've experienced customer service like that? I got a slice of pizza that I would normally never get, but for only $1.50 ($2.50 for a slice of pizza, good by my standards anyways). I'm glad this place is right across the railroad tracks from my apartment next year.

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