First Day of Neuroscience Seminar

I had my first day of neuroscience today. The goal for this seminar is that we're working with the neurosci's new software to analyze CAT scans of seniors to compare the lobe sizes of cognitive elders against seniors suffering from disabilities such as Alzheimers.

Today they taught me how to get around on their Linux systems and how to run the software to analyze the CAT scans. First thing they asked me to do was copy all the files for my first subject into my home directory. When I used cp -R 2031/ ~ I guess they were impressed enough that at the end of the hour, Evan offered that I could work developing software for them instead of image analysis.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to be helping them program, but it sounds a little more fun than what I did today. It was interesting, but tracing the brain in 140 frames of CAT scans does get a little tedious. Too bad this looks to be the only really exciting class I'm taking this quarter.

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