Ethernet Hardware in the Works

One thing that I have always wanted for my electronics projects has been a way to connect them to the internet, if not at least the rest of my local network.  I know that there are breakout boards and the such for ethernet, but I just didn't feel like paying $45 for something I could build for half that.


I have tested it with firmware I found online, but that's all I'm going to use other people's code for.  I think developing my own IP stack from 802.3 up sounds like a fun challenge, so this project is going to take a lot of work.

Parts list:
  • 9 contact female header for digital I/O
  • 28 pin DIP socket
  • 4 49.9ohm 1% resistors 
  • 1 2.32kohm 1% resistor
  • ferrite bead
  • a few 0.1μF bypass caps for power filtering
  • 10μF capacitor for the internal 2.5V regulator
  • 25MHz crystal
  • LEDs + 100ohm resistors
  • ENC28J60 ethernet controller (Microchip)
  • 8P8C connector with on-board magnetics (Digikey)
  • Breakout board for the 8P8C connector (Electroboards)
  • Perf board (I used Radio Shack 276-148, but it was a little tight)
And I finally got batteries for my old (yet nicer) camera. Can you tell?  The video is still taken with my new one...

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