Ethernet Hardware in the Works

One thing that I have always wanted for my electronics projects has been a way to connect them to the internet, if not at least the rest of my local network.  I know that there are breakout boards and the such for ethernet, but I just didn't feel like paying $45 for something I could build for half that.


I have tested it with firmware I found online, but that's all I'm going to use other people's code for.  I think developing my own IP stack from 802.3 up sounds like a fun challenge, so this project is going to take a lot of work.

Parts list:
  • 9 contact female header for digital I/O
  • 28 pin DIP socket
  • 4 49.9ohm 1% resistors 
  • 1 2.32kohm 1% resistor
  • ferrite bead
  • a few 0.1μF bypass caps for power filtering
  • 10μF capacitor for the internal 2.5V regulator
  • 25MHz crystal
  • LEDs + 100ohm resistors
  • ENC28J60 ethernet controller (Microchip)
  • 8P8C connector with on-board magnetics (Digikey)
  • Breakout board for the 8P8C connector (Electroboards)
  • Perf board (I used Radio Shack 276-148, but it was a little tight)
And I finally got batteries for my old (yet nicer) camera. Can you tell?  The video is still taken with my new one...


  1. Like it. I'll come back to see your progress and I'm learning and trying this now as well.

  2. Tried ethersex ( yet? That's probably exactly the software you need for this project ;)

  3. Hi, could you tell where you found the firmware that you programed atmega ?

  4. Which ethernet transformer did you used, i've looked everywhere and i wasnt able to find someone who have some of them is stock. Thanks

  5. @Anon: I don't remember where I got the firmware. I just googled for keywords like the part numbers and found something that just made it do *something*, so I could make sure it worked... Sorry.

    @Anon: I link to the part number at Digikey in the parts list. Digikey claims they have 16k in stock.

  6. I just implemented the reference schematic from the ENC28J60 datasheet.

  7. Nice work bro!!! keep it up :) But isn't it cheap to buy the whole module from ebay ? i saw from $7 or something :)

  8. Great work!
    I ordered some enc28j60 dips but the datasheet is too overwhelming for a beginner like me.
    I'd appreciate if you could add your schematics.


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