Moss Terrarium

I know that once Lifehacker covers it, almost the entire internet knows about it, but I still found the idea of a moss terrarium quite appealing.  It means that I can have at least some greenery in my room, without the requirement that I keep my blinds open for sunlight or stay on top of watering it regularly (Succulents are also good for this, but I've already had those for a number of years).  It's not shown in any of the pictures, but I capped the mason jar to try and keep the humidity higher, and keep the maintenance requirement lower.
I collected the moss just from around my apartment complex, and a little from one of the plants I got for free on Picnic Day.  If I had it to do again, I'd make sure to put some rocks under the dirt, and I'd have made sure the jar was really clean before I started.  Small neck terrariums like this are an uphill battle against keeping the glass clean, so starting with anything less just makes your job harder later.


  1. ooooooh!! I want one too! teach me over summer! It be great if I had for my project this semester. I had lots of green walls on my urban center...though I am not sure if moss works vertically...but it would still look great on the model! XD


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