We've Moved!

After six years, and nearly 450 blog posts, I've finally broken down and paid real cash money for the domain TheLifeofKenneth.com.  This blog is now hosted at blog.TheLifeofKenneth.com; lucky for you, kennethfinnegan.blogspot.com now redirects to that, and the RSS feed is still exactly the same, so when I tell you to update your bookmarks, it's an entirely gratuitous request!

I have not yet bought (or built) hosting for the root domain, so having the blog.* subdomain is important.  I'm still weighing my options for hosting, so any recommendations, coupon codes, or referral links in the comments will be considered.  I'm looking for something low-cost but flexible enough for me to develop and run my own CGI and daemon projects on.

Like always, a huge thanks to all of you, my readers, for finding my stuff interesting enough to keep coming back.  It's your comments and page views that continue to reassure me that this is worth while, and my Google and Amazon advertising revenue funds the lion's share of my projects that you see on here.

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