Another Failed WRT54G Upgrade

I can't believe how lucky I must have been the first time.  I've tried upgrading the RAM in these WRT54G routers four times now, and have only managed to get it to work once...


This is a rather painfully long and boring video where I show you  the general timeline for replacing a pair of TSSOP-II-54 SDRAM chips using ChipQuik and a magnitude of skill and/or luck.  I do go into some interesting asides about electronics in general as I chatter away for 30 minutes, so just think of this as a slightly more focused version of one of Dave's Drive Time Rants.  If you think the format is long and boring, don't bother calling the kettle black.  If you actually did find this interesting, insightful, or just some order of entertaining, feel free to color me surprised in the comments.

The new chips I'm installing in the video are IS42S16160D.

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