Book Giveaway - Basic Machines and How They Work

Here's another book giveaway for all my wonderful readers.  This is a rather interesting while educational book on, as the title implies, basic machines and how they work.  It does a very good job explaining basic levers and gears and pulleys, but then spends nearly half the book expounding upon the workings of the internal combustion engine.  If you want to really understand how the modern internal combustion engine works, this will be a very interesting book.  If you're a mechanical engineer who has spent an entire quarter studying IC engine analysis and several weekends a year rebuilding diesel locomotives, you won't find this book particularly engaging.

As someone who already owns more than one book titled "The Way Things Work" and just got 1800 Mechanical Movements for Christmas, this book ended up being rather disappointing, but I can see how anyone not nearly as well versed in the subject as myself could really enjoy this book, so I'm passing it on to one of you.

  • Leave a comment below indicating your interest.  Make sure to use some sort of identifying avatar so I don't have to resort to congratulating the fourth anonymous comment.
  • This is open to anyone in the WORLD.  If USPS can get this to you for less than $5, it is yours, so effectively, I guess Antarctica really is kind of excluded.  Apologies to my research friends on the ice.
  • Entries will be considered until February 8th, at which point I'll announce a winner at the end of this post and in the comments.  Email me a shipping address to fire this off to.
  • Retweeting this, sharing on Facebook, posting in Google Plus, etc will all gain you good karma and help support this blog and funding future giveaways and projects.

 Congratulations to Benny B for winning this month's giveaway.  In case anyone else doesn't recognize what a cool guy Benny is right away, you quite possibly already know him as the student from UC Davis who is tired of his fees being hella high.


  1. probably, this is a good one to teach my son both english and engineering? or it's too early for a two-year boy? ;-)

  2. Hi. I'd be interested in the book. Thanks for an interesting blog.

    /Johan from Stockholm

  3. This would be a great book for my son, he is interested in all things mechanical.

  4. @Big Guy: I won't say this is a particularly good book for children before high school. It was originally a naval training manual, so it's a little dense and the images aren't emotionally compelling.

    The book you probably do want is MacAulay The Way Things Work, which you can get in good condition used on Amazon for a little over $4 used. I can easily say that this book deeply influenced my childhood.

  5. I second that motion for The Way Things Work. It's an excellent tome of exploded views, motion drawings, and clear, concise explanation.

    I'd be interested in this book as well. =)

  6. Ah, and I'll follow up on Jeff's second with another, relatively confusing recommendation for the lesser known 1967 edition of "The Way Things Work" which has nothing to do with MacAulay's, and was originally written in German. It's very much an adult text, but of the same caliber as the contemporary work. Unfortunately, it's relatively rare, even on eBay.

  7. Placeholder comment for Ross P., who is having problems with Google's comment system.

  8. hey Kenny! Hook it up with some knowledge! Free shipping bro!

  9. Congrats Benny. I'll come track you down on campus some time and throw this book at you.


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