Howto Replace Wheelbarrow Wheel with Foam Core Wheel

My parents have been doing quite a bit of work in our yard since the last of us kids moved out; they figured that now that we're all gone off to college, they no longer needed lawn, and have completely converted the backyard into one absolutely huge vegetable garden.
Unfortunately, our aging wheelbarrow just couldn't keep up its half; the tubeless tire just wouldn't hold air anymore.  We finally tired of constantly fighting it trying to air it up, so we decided to switch to the relatively newly available foam-core tires.  Replacing it is quite easy, so our wheelbarrow now has a tire that will never go flat, with the one small disadvantage that you need to be more careful about over-loading the barrow and damaging the foam.  For just moving dirt, it has been fine, but for moving rock or sand or concrete, I would be very cautious.
Most wheelbarrows' axle is little more than a piece of round-stock held in with a couple bolts.  The bearing is in the wheel itself.
The axle had seen better days, so I decided that it needed some tender love and care to take care of that rust.
A simple wire wheel attachment for hand drills can be had that'll do the job.
Simply slide the axle into the new wheel, and reattach the axle to the bottom of the wheelbarrow.
And you're done!  No more worries about firing up the air compressor every time you want to move around some dirt or collect weeds; it'll just always be ready for light action.

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