Product Review - CC3000 TI WiFi Development Platform

This CC3000 development kit showed up on my front doorstep this week; I haven't gotten to do much more than open it and play with the demo app (my summer is turning out to be way busier than I expected), but I'm dutifully impressed with the raw potential for this kit and what we could do with it.
The kit comes with a 16kB FRAM MSP430 development board, a CC3000 WiFi module to plug into it, and a TP-LINK router to set up an isolated WiFi network to experiment on (since most people don't have nearly as many routers laying around as I do, and I haven't figured out if this supports WPA yet).  The demo application that comes with it is a little silly (planet MSP430 orbiting sun laptop), but certainly shows off the potential of the WiFi, thermometer, and accelerometer on the board.


Future projects will follow.


  1. how did you get from? i want the same kit

    1. I wish I could tell you. I didn't buy it, but it just showed up on my doorstep last week.

    2. I think it is this:

    3. Yep. Guess I probably should have actually checked to see if it was in stock. I had been told it wasn't. Thanks.


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