Product Review - CC3000 TI WiFi Development Platform

This CC3000 development kit showed up on my front doorstep this week; I haven't gotten to do much more than open it and play with the demo app (my summer is turning out to be way busier than I expected), but I'm dutifully impressed with the raw potential for this kit and what we could do with it.
The kit comes with a 16kB FRAM MSP430 development board, a CC3000 WiFi module to plug into it, and a TP-LINK router to set up an isolated WiFi network to experiment on (since most people don't have nearly as many routers laying around as I do, and I haven't figured out if this supports WPA yet).  The demo application that comes with it is a little silly (planet MSP430 orbiting sun laptop), but certainly shows off the potential of the WiFi, thermometer, and accelerometer on the board.


Future projects will follow.

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