Bought Electronics at Halted

Yesterday the Jeff Master and I loaded up and headed off for the complete opposite side of town to go "MAN SHOPPING," which includes going to Fry's Electronics (and buying nothing), Halted Electronics, and the Ham Radio Outlet. All three of which are surprising close to each other.

Halted isn't a normal electronics store, like Radio Shack or Fry's, it's what we solderers lovingly refer to as a salvage store. They have bin after bin of resistors, and capacitors, and every other passive component you can think of, not to mention the piles of out-moded server equipment for sale stacked on top of all of the isles. When you walk it, you get a price sheet, on which you write down how much everything costs, because they don't know how much anything is, it's all just so random.

The bad news was that Halted is having a moving sale this month, which means they're moving, but probably not anywhere closer into the heart of Sunnyvale. DAMN!
The good news is that it means everything was on sale so I got everything at least 30% off!

I got:
And the grant total... $11.27! Man I love that place. To go shopping in one store, actively picking out components for an hour, with days worth of fun playing with them at home, and it all comes up to $11.27. Jeff ended up only getting two ground floaters, but the two of them ended up costing him $1.29, so he made a killing as well.

It's just too bad they're moving. Halted: we'll miss you!

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