Western Pacific Tour Guide

My dad has been tossing around this idea as long as I can remember, and I think I've just about gotten to the point where I will start working on it. Here's my initial outline for a tour book for the WPRM:
  1. Welcome to the Museum - perhaps written by the President
  2. Intro to safety on museum grounds - the WPRM is a real live operating museum
  3. History of the WP
  4. History of the WP and connecting railroads/ subsidiaries - KCC, Sacramento Northern, CCT, etc
  5. History of the WPRM
  6. Urge guests to either become a member of the FRRS or take advantage of our Rent a Locomotive program
  7. Complete WP diesel locomotive roster - list of all models, road numbers, and pages for examples of each model
  8. A ~1 page profile on each of at least the locomotives on property. This would be very similar to the roster already put together on the website.
  9. Places to eat in and around Portola
  10. Other places to go/ see in and around Portola
I'm still in the brainstorming phase, so if there's anything else you would think should be in a tour book for a railroad museum, let me know.

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