No More Bonds

I voted in the local primary last week. Like all good college students, I did so by absentee ballot, and most of the measures / seats went my way, except for those for bonds...

Bond measures for a fund to help improve the technology at the local high schools. I went to one of those high schools, and I agree with the sentiment. Fremont is in the middle of Sunnyvale, which is in the epicenter of the Silicon Valley. These high schools need to do everything they can to stay on the edge of the technology frontier.

Bonds just aren't the way to do it. Bonds don't raise any money. They are a net negative proposition for the government. They just offload this shortage of money to the next generation of politicians, which makes them so popular. I believe the government should be consistently running a surplus to ensure that there is a fund to allow for these kinds of high priority projects. Bonds don't generate revenue, taxes do. Ask the voters to raise taxes, and I'll vote for it. Granted, no one else will, but at least I will.

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