CalTrain Intership for Next Summer?

So for some reason, tonight I decided to seriously look into getting some kind of employment at the local CalTrain maintenance yard. It's a little late for this summer, and I'm already planning on going to De Anza, so I'm thinking a year from now. At this point I don't know if they would even consider giving me an internship, but it wouldn't hurt more than a little asking (I'm seeing an angry email, much loved by the railroading crowd, in return; personally attacking me, which would be painful).

As per their jobs page, they are looking for some full time engineers. I'm obviously not what they're looking for, but it would be good reasoning for an internship, returning later. My other approach is that I really want to be working as a bottom of the line mechanic. I want to be crawling around in locomotives every day, getting dirty, and learning as much as I can about industrial field work. Think of it as doing the same thing I do at the WPRM, except every day, a much better commute (including riding CalTrain from Sunnyvale to San Jose), and I get paid for it.

They always say to do what you love for your career. And seeing as how working on trains decided my major, it would make sense to eventually get back to them.

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