The Game of 1000 Blank White Cards

My friends and I started playing 1000 Blank White Cards (or 1kbwc for short) at the beginning of 2007. If you don't know, 1kbwc is a game where everyone has a pen, and as the game progresses, if you draw a blank card from the deck, you get to turn it into a new card. Everyone takes turns playing cards on each other until the deck is emptied, and whoever ends up with the most points win. Obviously, if one really wanted to win, they could just play a +1,000,000 point card on themselves, but everyone else would make sure to get them back for it. For a more complete rundown of the rules, wikipedia is a good place to start.
After we had been playing for a year, and had collected a few hundred cards towards our goal of 1,000, we decided to pick out our best 100 cards and make a poster out of them. Lucky for us, one of our players, Lizzie, is an outstanding digital artist, so our poster turned out great.
CLICK HERE for a full size image of the poster (7MB)

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