Link Dump

Interesting links I've found on the internet:
Amateur Radio
A video of F2FO hand making his own triode vacuum tubes.
Man who maintains high voltage power lines while they're still running.
Negative feedback in amplifiers finally makes sense. (In case you're wondering, the output from the third circuit with the original 11MV input is 92MV)
Outstanding introductory book on building your own radio equipment.
Regen receiver using 3 2N2222s. (Credit: KB6NU)
The Amazing 1 2N2222 transceiver, the Gnat.
Super cheap bottle and tin website. This would be really useful if you sell homemade liquid products. The prices are just mind blowing. They also have Altoid-like tins for 74 cents. (Credit: Cool Tools)
7 Ways the Recession Will Improve America.
Donald MacKenzie on Hedge Funds. I've always enjoyed economics. It all makes some kind of brutal sense.
Amusing jab at religion ignoramus.
Perl library for a "smart" text interface.
7 pieces of advice on notebooks.

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