Motorola Modem for ATT DSL Firmware Hell

You want to experience the cheesiest, most useless help site ever? Visit, then try and find the answer to any question more involved than "How do I power cycle my modem?"

I just spent half an hour trying to figure out if there was a firmware update for my Motorola 2210-02-2001 modem. Motorola tells you to check with your ISP, but AT&T literally lists the manufactures and links to their main websites. Useless.

So 20 minutes of digging through forums later, we find a link to AT&T's training material, with what I was looking for. Long story short, they haven't updated this buggy thing since they released it. The internet light is almost never solid green, alternating between flashing green, red, and dark. So to hopefully save someone else the trouble:

Motorola 2210-02-2001 Style:MSTATEA DSL modem firmware update. The page also has the 2210-02-2006 version, but long story short, these firmware images aren't useful.

UPDATE: Apparently the firmware images are gone. What was at first a 404 has now become a "no images are available," so it seems they might come back. Thanks Mike for pointing that out. Sorry folks.

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