Procrastinating and Working at the Same Time

While messing around with my new camera, I realized that I can take time lapse videos with it, so here I am procrastinating and getting work done, at the same time. This was Thursday night, and I got about an hour of video before the battery died. I'm first working on an essay for ENL3, take a break, then start an essay for IST94.


  1. HA! Check out 0:25, we make the same hand motion when we're stumped on forming a sentence. Love you lots bro.

  2. brilliant. I should do this sometime. Though, you'd just end up seeing me check internetz->play tetris->watch anime->check internetz->resume anime->play tetris...

    i guess you'd see a lot more movement now that I'm taking so many more keyboard breaks.

  3. also, boooooo for google video stopping uploads. I detest the thought of getting involved with the youtube community...


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