More Maker Faire Post-Op

As you could probably tell, I didn't even try and capture the scope of what goes on at Maker Faire, but Dangerous Prototypes has been doing an amazing job of capturing it for those of you not fortunate enough to make it.

Maker Faire How-To Video:

I even made it in their How-To video.  My segment starts around 3:00, and I gave them all the MSP430 kit at the end in the hopes that they finally building something not using a PIC. :-P


  1. Kenneth, helping people know about the Launchpad is why you are one of our favourite bloggers! Just give me the word and I'll send you a box of them any time you want to give them away :-)

  2. Hey Kenneth,

    It was great to see you in person. Thanks for coming on the taco crawl and being in our video! I hope THE Kenneth Finnegan can make it to New York Maker Faire, if not, hope to see you next year.

    1. I also had an awesome time kicking it with you this weekend. I'm afraid MFNY falls right after my first two days of school, so getting out there isn't going to work. All I've got left on my calendar for the summer is SemiCon West and Hackers on Planet Earth. I do look forward to running into you at *some* point in the future.


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