Gave Blood Today

Jeff came too.  It was a grand old time.  The part I enjoyed the most about it (besides from saving someone's life) was when Jeff pointed out how much more entertaining it would be if the survey questions were asked as really bad euphemisms.

  • Have you ever gotten funky with a junky?
  • Have you ever been a sausage grinder since 1977?
  • Have you ever taken an Afican in the can?
  • In the last 6 months, have you received a tramp stamp?
  • Have you ever lived in the motherland of the Mexicans or the white flag country?
  • Have you ever done the matress tango with someone else who has gotten funky with a junky?
  • Since 1977, have you upheld peace and liberty or freeloaded off someone else who upheld peace and liberty?
Please people, come up with some more in the comments.

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